In addition to arranging unique funeral services of distinction, Geo. H. Lewis & Sons also is pleased to provide guidance to families on the selection and design of cemetery markers, monuments and mausoleums. For over 75 years, our professionals have shared their abundant knowledge in this area with families seeking consultation on their permanent memorialization options at cemeteries here in Houston or across the country.

From the most basic of markers and simple bricked walls to intricate mausoleums, our professionals are ready to assist. The process begins with your idea for the type of memorial you desire. We’ll discuss your wishes with you in detail, suggest a variety of options, prepare a diagram to illustrate the project for your approval, and coordinate with our reputable vendors to make your vision a reality.

We work with all cemeteries, regardless of location. Our professionals also have knowledge of the procedures for placement of burial memorialization on privately held estates and ranches. Depending on a family’s preferences, vision, price point and warranty requirements, we source quality materials from domestic quarries, European quarries or Far East quarries as appropriate.

Another type of memorial that has grown in popularity in recent years is the online, or Internet, memorial. At Geo. H. Lewis & Sons, we offer every family we serve an Everlasting Memorial® as one of our provider benefits. An Everlasting Memorial allows you to preserve and share a beautiful life story by electronically documenting your loved one’s legacy.

Personal and meaningful memorialization of a life lived, whether with a physical monument at a cemetery or in digital format, can be experienced and shared by loved ones throughout the years, allowing future generations to know and remember those who have gone before them. At Geo. H. Lewis & Sons, our commitment to you doesn’t end with the funeral service, but extends to memorialization preferences as well.