Whether you’re planning services for yourself or for a loved one, the funeral service is one of the most important elements of a person’s final arrangements. And with the opportunity for great personalization, the funeral service can truly reflect the uniqueness of the life it honors.


Regardless of whether you or your loved one have chosen burial or cremation, the funeral or memorial service fills an important role. It can:


  • Honor, recognize and celebrate a life
  • Allow friends and family to say their last good-byes
  • Provide closure after the loss of a loved one
  • Allow friends to console the family of the loved one

A Geo. H. Lewis & Sons funeral service helps to celebrate the life of a loved one and begins the healing process for family and friends. However, making funeral arrangements for someone you care for can be an overwhelming experience. Important decisions must be made quickly and at a very delicate time.


Our professional and dedicated funeral directors can help you make these decisions and are committed to making the planning process as comfortable as possible. From holding a private viewing to planning the most elaborate funeral or memorial ceremony, we specialize in helping you create a tribute as unique as your loved one.


Following are just a few of the questions to consider when planning a unique, personalized service for yourself or for your loved one. At Geo. H. Lewis & Sons, we’ll help incorporate your answers to these questions and more into a beautiful, personal and memorable service.


  • Where should the funeral be held? At a place of worship? At the funeral home? Another meaningful location?
  • Who should officiate the service?
  • Will the service adhere to the traditions of a particular faith or culture?
  • Who should deliver the eulogy?
  • Should the casket be open or closed?
  • What music should be played?
  • Do you have particular flower preferences?
  • What readings would you like to have read?
  • Is there a special poem you’d like shared with the guests?
  • Do you have catering preferences for refreshments served before, during or after the service?
  • Are there any special photographs or other memorabilia that you would like displayed?
  • Should the décor reflect a particular hobby or interest, such as fishing, gardening or music?

It is our pleasure to assist you in planning a memorable funeral service. In addition to the Burial Services and Cremation Services we provide, we also are pleased to offer many family support benefits to provide continued care for your family after the funeral services have concluded.