It’s Sunday Morning. This Call is the Last Thing You Expect.

It's your father calling from his vacation in Mexico. As soon as you hear his voice, you know something terrible has happened.

He says your mother's gone. An auto accident on a coastal road. His voice cracks, and you begin to worry about how to get both of them home.

The Dignity Memorial® network offers you more services than anyone else in America, like Away From Home Protection®. It will get your loved ones home when tragedy strikes, no matter where they are in the world.

Away From Home Protection is offered by American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc. American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc. provides for the repatriation of remains when death occurs more than 75 miles from the permanent residence of the party for whom it was purchased.

American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc. will provide full assistance, including consular services, should death occur outside of the United States. Death must occur more than 75 miles from permanent residence. Not available for purchase in KY, NY, NJ, OR, Alberta or British Columbia.

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